Our Campus

At Summit LA, we reimagine what an ideal city would look like – one built on the principles of human connection, multidisciplinary learning, and play

In the heart of a bustling downtown, we create an urban oasis where community thrives and creativity flourishes. Around every corner, learning opportunities, unique conversations, and new friendships await

Our most ambitious event series yet, Summit LA

For 72 hours, we take over 4 blocks in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles to create a campus that functions like a pop-up university

Century-old theaters become learning centers, lecture halls, and concert venues

Parking lots turn into open-air marketplaces and wellness havens

And alleyways are used as walkways, creating a campus that can be walked end-to-end in a matter of minutes

We buy out ten leading hotels so that everyone stays on-site and immersed in the experience

We partner with top restaurants and chefs to create custom menus and dining experiences like no other, from pop-ups to formal dinners

B.S. Taqueria
B.S. Taqueria
Preux & Proper
Preux & Proper
Faith & Flower
Faith & Flower
Summit's Epicurean Marketplace

At Summit, we obsess over the details, making sure the campus is easy to navigate and consistently well programmed - but with plenty of surprises along the way

We’ve designed the entire experience to foster new friendships, unique conversations, and meaningful moments with our incredible community members. Between the lounges on every corner, interactive workshops, and family-style dining, Summit LA is tailored for human connection.

Come see it for yourself

NOVEMBER 8-11, 2019